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Well first, I would like to thank everyone who entered this free giveaway. Your support means the world to me and I’m so glad you keep on coming back for more lemon drop every week! You guys are simply awesome and you are the reason why I keep on doing this.

So now, congrats to Janik Pichette, the winner of a bottle of Young Living LEMON essential oil and a bottle of wine! Thank you Janik for sharing my blog with your friends!

And to all of you who didn’t win this time, I swear I’ll have some more giveaways in the near future! Thanks for sharing the love my lemon friends! Every like, every share and every comment means a lot to me.  

Hope you all had a great weekend. And you know what, you should all want to come back in a few days for this great pumpkin cinnamon rolls recipe I’m going to share!  


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let’s talk essential oils

Where to start… there’s so much stuff I want to talk about… I know not everyone will be interested by this one, but I just love essential oils so much, it’s almost a passion for me now, that I wanted to let you all know about it!  First piece of advice, everyone should be open to try it out, at least once.  I’m pretty sure you would be impressed.

You know, I’ve been an avid Pinterest user since day one, and a few years ago I started to see lots of tutorial, how to, and information for essential oils.  I’ve had heard of essential oils, but I didn’t really knew about it.  So I was curious.  I started to pin a few things that interested me, and then eventually started to look for more in-depth information.

Let me tell you: you will find tons of information regarding essential oils, and I can’t say that everything is true, but I can surely tell you that so far, for me, it’s been awesome, and I’m now literally addicted to it.

There are a lots of companies that are now selling essential oils, but there are two big brands that surpass all the other ones for many reasons, and you should really read about all of it before deciding from which one you’ll be buying your products… so back then I started to look for the brand that’d fit my lifestyle better, and I chose Young Living.  And I’m so happy I did.

My first purchase was the starter kit, just to try it out, which consisted of a couple of the most popular oils, a diffuser and a few other gadgets.  I bought the kit with no expectation, but the moment I installed the diffuser, I fell in love.  The smell and the feeling were just amazing.

My favorite oil is definitely Lavender.  I know, it’s like the most common one, but it makes me so happy.  I always have a bottle in my purse and one in my room.  Every night, I put some Lavender oil behind the boys ears before bedtime, it’s calming, smells great and it makes them relax.  It’s also the oil we diffuse in our bedroom on most nights.  It’s our go to oil.  I just can’t get enough.  I also mix it with coconut oil and use it as a body moisturizer for myself and for the boys.

I’ve haven’t burned myself since I’ve been using essential oils, so I’ve never tried it on myself, but last summer, at a party, a family member burned herself with boiling sugar (it was actually melted cotton candy) and I offered to put Lavender essential oil on it, and it was a miracle.  No more pain!  Since then, matante (aunt) Lulu has bought some Lavender essential oil and started to use it before bedtime, and guess what, she now sleeps throughout the night, something she hadn’t done for years!

Second favorite, but really it’s tied for first place, Peppermint.  Goodbye heartburn, acid re-flux and motion sickness!  One drop on the roof of your mouth and bang… it’s gone.  It’s like MAGIC!  Everybody I know that have tried it are stunned.  Wish I had discovered essential oils while I was pregnant.  I was eating Tums like candy, but I will never have another one of these again…  Peppermint oil tastes and works way better.  It’s safe to ingest, so I also use it in tea and dessert.  That’s one of the thing with Young Living, their essential oils are pure and safe to ingest; which is not always the case with other company.  Even if it says ‘100% pure’ on the bottle, it is not necessarily 100% pure, so you should not ingest it.  But with Young Living, you can, it’s safe, and it’s great!

One other thing I do with Peppermint, I dilute it with coconut oil and rub it on my babies feet when they have a fever.  It’s a natural fever reducer.  Not only it’s a fever reducer; do you know what else I do with it?  When it is really hot outside, I put a few drops behind my ears, behind my knees and inside my elbows, and it helps me stay cool.  It’s great, as it helps me be more patient on hot summer days!

The third one is Thieves.  Everybody should have a bottle of this.  Thieves is an essential oil blend, it supports a healthy immune system and energizes your body.  It’s also a great cleaning product.  Young Living has a cleaning product line based with Thieves.  I use it on the bottom of our feet and rub it on my chest and back when I feel a cold is coming.  It can also be inhale and diffused in your home.  It has a cinnamon earthy smell.  Love, love, love Thieves.  If you want to get started, I recommend you get these three oils at first.  If you like it, then get some more!  There’s an oil for everything.

If you don’t find the oil you’re looking for, then you just mix them together.  I love to try different mixes and diffuse it in our home.  A few favorites are Joy and Lemon, Peppermint and Orange, and Lavender and Cedarwood.  Brian’s favorite is Stress Away.  I guess he needs it sometimes, I don’t understand why, but surely not because of me!

I don’t cook or bake a lot with my oils right now, but I really want to start incorporating them more in our cooking.  What I love is to add Lemon and Peppermint to my drinking water.  It just tastes so fresh.  But don’t put too much… if you use the Young Living oils, a couple drops will be plenty.

We now have two diffusers in our house; one in our bedroom (that we bring in the kitchen and living room every chance we get) and one in Liam’s room.  He now has his own Lavender bottle and every night he rubs the oil behind his ears and installs the diffuser by himself.  He’s so cute doing it!  One day we’ll have one for each room, but for now, they travel from room to room when needed!

So, I’ve promoted a big company and how their oils are so awesome, now I’ll promote a smaller one!  Couple months ago, friends of ours started their own wood working company and gave us one of their products as a Christmas gift, an essential oil holder.  So simple and so gorgeous.  If you’re into essential oils, you need one of these holders to keep your bottles in order! You can check out their website and place an order online.  We love our essential oil holder, and so will you!

This week, in order to promote my new mylemondroplife Instagram account, our friends from Scotty Wood Design have gladly offered to give away a custom made essential oil holder for my blog’s followers.  You’d like to win?  Then either become a follower of mylemondroplife on Instagram and like this week’s blog on essential oils or share my Facebook post.  The lucky winner, hopefully an essential oils enthusiast, will get a custom made essential oil holder from Scotty Wood Design.  I will draw the winner a week from now, on March 6th.  Good luck to all.  And a big thanks to Scot and Danika from Scotty Wood Design.  You guys are awesome; Young Living rules!

So, are you on the essential oils band wagon?  Would you like to join me on it!  If you want more information, let me know and I’ll set you right up!

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