happee birthdae

Yesterday was one of the most magical days ever.

I’d like to start by saying that I do know this one was a little over the top, and that I ended up spending probably too much time organizing it; but this is the type of things that makes Liam and I truly happy, and seeing how joyful he was yesterday, I am so happy I did it just the way I did. We created this party together, from picking the cakes, the decorations, the candy, the food and designing it all. It probably took me over 50 hours to make it all happen, but every minute was worth the happiness in Liam’s eyes when everything was taking shape.

You already know our profound love for Harry Potter, right? If you don’t, you’ll know about it in a few minutes! Sometime last summer, after watching the 3th Harry Potter movie one more time (his favorite movie), Liam came to me and officially declared that his 8th birthday would be all about magic and HP. So I immediately jumped in with both feet, being on the lookout for stuff for the party ever since. I found many decorations after Halloween with everything being on clearance, while also scoring some free stuff on Marketplace and Kijiji in the last few weeks. Oh, and we also found many things at our place, you know, stuff lying around the basement or buried in boxes we actually had forgotten about.

Just after Christmas, we took all the decorations away and started putting HP stuff EVERYWHERE. This party was probably the biggest one I’ve ever organized, with Logan’s Peter Pan 2nd birthday coming in at a close second. I’ve been dreaming about this party for months. Finally, yesterday, it was time, and it was just like I had imagined it.

Everything was covered, from the trunk and spell books on the porch, to the flying acceptance letters emerging from the fireplace, to the Owlery (a store where you can adopt a stuff owl to bring home) and the Honeydukes confectionary store, to the talking painting staircase, with the HP soundtrack blazing through the house, it was just like the real thing. Once you were done with the first room, next was the Great Hall, which you could only access by storming through the Platform 9 3/4 brick wall, where you’d find floating candles, a sorting hat cake, more candy and chocolates, twinkling lights, House colours banner, an handmaid giant map of Hogwarts ground, chocolate cake, vanilla cake and of course, a Butterbeer cake that brought dessert to the next level!

We had wands for our friends, we ate some chocolate frogs and chocolate Snitches; played Owl tag, took some Instax pictures and we feasted until we could pass out! All signs of a perfect birthday. Liam loved every second of it. For a rare occasion he actually enjoyed getting all the attention. He was so excited to show our own version of the Wizarding World to his friends and family. He was spoiled by everyone, as always. We are so lucky to have the best family and friends who loves our babies just the way they do.

This party will definitely go down in history as one of the most magical party I’ve ever thrown! It was so much fun to bring this thing to life and to celebrate our boy. We are the lucky ones to have you in our lives. Liam, you are the chosen one, just like Harry.

Hope this year will be full of health, fun filled days, new adventures, and so much love. I know you want to be a Griffindor, just like Harry, but you are so much more. You have the intelligence of a Ravenclaw; the dedication of an Hufflepuff; the ambitious of a Slytherin; and you can be BRAVE just like a true Gryffindor. And I love you just the way you are.

Today, on your actual birthday, all you wanted to do was to watch some YouTube videos, go skating and eat spaghetti for dinner. It was simple and it was a great day. I love you baby boy. Eight years old, not so baby anymore, but still, and always, my baby.  

Happee Birthdae Liam! We love you so much. ALWAYS.

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  1. Bonne fête a notre beau Liam!

    C’était une vraie belle fête. De tres belles photos mais je dois dire que ma préférée est la première blog. Il est tellement beau.

    Merci de nous avoir recu dans le beau château de Harry Potter.
    J’espère que ce blog fera fureur.

  2. Andréanne, this is amazing! I’m delighted to have come across this. I haven’t seen you for years (since EwC) but what I remember most is the fabulous costumes you were always creating then… Nice to see you’ve continued and even expanded your skill set. (I didn’t think that was possible!) The HP details at your son’s party are super impressive… “Only” 50 hours to do??!!! 😉 Keep up the great work!

    1. OMG Pam! I’m so happy to hear from you! I think about you so often! And every year I put the ornament you gave me for my son!
      Thanks for reading my blog! xo

  3. Encore une fois Andréanne, tu as su faire rayonner le cœur de plusieurs et ajouter de l’émerveillement dans les yeux de Liam! Tu es une merveilleuse maman dédiée à ses enfants! Quelle créativité! De toute beauté!

  4. Unbelievable ….. you have missed your calling in sooooooo many ways. What an amazing party for Liam. He will cherish every b.d. party as they are always done with the utmost love and attention to detail and making them so magical and always making them come to life.

    You are so blessed Andreanne with having amazing children and a wonderful and supportive husband. However, your children and husband are also blessed with an angel of a mother and wife. Luv and miss you all!

    1. Thank you so much Pat! Love reading all your comments.
      Wish you were closer so you could celebrate with us.
      Miss you so much xox

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