i love shoes, painted shoes


I didn’t invent anything: shoes and paint; simple!

My mom made us dozens of them while growing up.  We had a basket of fabric paint in our house that my aunt Lucie bought me for my first communion; sounds boring, right?  But no, best first communion gift ever!

Well, fast-forwarding a few years later, now with two boys of my own, lets say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, since now I’m the one who paints shoes for my kids!

It started 2 years ago…  I had an old pair of TOMS laying around, we were going to Disney, so I decided to make Mickey and Minnie ears’ shoes!  They were a hit!!  Then last year,  I did four pairs of Minions shoes for the movie premiere, one pair for the boys, one for my mom and one for myself.


This year, we were going to Disneyland and I had a few ideas in mind for our trip!  Jojo got one, Liam and Logan each got one as well, and I made myself 2;  I’m the one who makes them after all!!!

I got my first official order a few weeks ago: a tiny pairs of Shopkins shoes.  Thanks Isabelle for being my first customer!  I had so much fun making these.  I just got my second order from a coworker.

So here’s a few pictures of the shoes I made this summer!

Need a pair?

14183766_10154256434876293_4115474161893290588_n   14184403_10154256434816293_800958653319914205_n

14102232_10154256434666293_2582164696362854083_n   14102674_10154256434386293_374415890791818477_n

14184443_10154256434256293_515153708142504224_n   14212019_10154256434216293_7796632905890395942_n

14222247_10154256434156293_6370053811613533489_n   14225596_10154256434006293_7693588337776972296_n

14141660_10154256434091293_4595369807042785494_n  14088686_10154256433961293_3381662826133141675_n

14192684_10154256434536293_6377617283643961320_n   14102674_10154256433876293_7036268735259759064_n

14100454_10154256433696293_5032602317733303256_n   14212700_10154256433341293_5961959826864647472_n

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  1. You know how much I LOVE the shoes you paint !!! The “Shopkins” shoes were my first order but will not be my last. You are SOOOO talented my friend!!

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