the one with the thanksgiving


When I was younger, I remember patiently waiting for Thanksgiving to watch the series Friends special-themed episode; they were just the best.  From The one with the Thanksgiving, to my ultimate favorite Friends episode, The one with the rumor when Brad made a guest-star appearance as a member of the I-hate-Rachel-Club.  Friends… best series ever.  I need to do a marathon and watch them all over again!

So, this year for Thanksgiving, there was no Friends themed episode, Brad and Angelina got divorced, which is really sad, even for a Team Rachel gal, but it didn’t stopped me from having a really great time!

We had a beautiful weekend ahead of us and so much to do; which started with a Friday night Pizza-night.  We would watch movies and eat pizza every Friday if we could!  On Saturday we had lots of errands to run and then 2 birthday parties to attend, as matante Lulu turned 67 and Brian’s goddaughter Méliane turned 7.  It’s always great to see friends and family!

Sunday morning rolled in and we were out the door by 8:30.  The boys had their first race, the Cumberland Fall Colours 1K Turkey Trot.  They were so happy to finally get a medal.  They were smiling, sprinting and reaching for that finish line both wearing their turkey hats!  They were surely the cutest there!!!  I think they’ll remember their bib numbers forever!  I met up with my friend Jannick for the 5km race, boy oh boy I was NOT ready.  The weather was perfect, beautiful country setting, leaves all kinds of colors, but those hills were killing me.  Well, the first hill killed me, then I walked through the other ones!  I wasn’t done my first mile that I wanted to quit.  Jannick was chatty, smiling and having a blast while I could hardly walk, let alone run!  We finally did it, in a time frame that I’m not too proud of, but we had fun, and we weren’t the last!





We went home for a quick nap and then it was Turkey Time, so we drove to my mom’s place, ready to spend time with my siblings.  The boys and their cousins played outside, hide and seek with flashlights, watched movies and sang happy birthday to the turkey!  We shared a delicious meal with the most amazing cake for dessert.  Played a few games of cards, had a few laughs, and then called it a night.



Monday was for lounging, decorating the house, watching Halloween movies and picking up our pumpkins, where we went in our festive pj’s and danced our way through the aisles full of pumpkins.  We picked our favorite ones and brought them home.  I’m sharing this video of Liam dancing while shopping for our pumpkins, it’s hilarious!  If you know my son, you know it’s out of his character to do this, but thanks to the Boomerang app, he’s dancing non-stop now!




Hope you had a great time and that your pants still fits after all that food.  That’s why you need some Joey’s Thanksgiving pants on Thanksgiving!


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  1. It looks like you all had a great weekend! I’m disappointment that I hadn’t heard about the Turkey Trot, we would have been all over that!

    1. We had a blast! They boys loved their race and couldn’t take off their medals for days! Liam even brought to school! Next year we could register the kids together!

  2. LOVE this post !!! You know how much I love Friends, desserts and cute knitted hats !! I Love the idea of going to the pumpkin patch in PJs !!! It’s always so mich fun to read you !! xox

  3. The picture with Liam over the pumpkin cart has got to be my favorite Fall picture EVER!! Such a fun post to read! Team Rachel all the way!!

    1. I’m so happy that the boys and I share the same excitment over pumpkins and anything Fall! We are having the best season!

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