magic tree: covid edition

Christmas is just around the corner, and usually, this time of year, I’m already in full Christmas mode and ready for December. This year, and until a few days ago, I still wasn’t sure I would be able to turn things around and bring some Christmas joy to our home given the pandemic. It’s been tough lately, imaging what Christmas will look like, knowing we won’t be able to celebrate with our families. So let’s say that 2020 definitely needed a bit of magic, and our family Christmas tree day delivered this year again as it was the perfect start to our holiday season!

Christmas Day is usually a family affair in our home. Every year, we drive about an hour to go to Ian’s Christmas Adventure Farm to get our tree, and we usually bring as many people with us as our two cars will allow, and then we have this huge family gathering at home where our family help us decorate our tree and stay over for diner. This year it was different, as it was only the four of us, for the first time ever.

So the boys have been anxiously awaiting for the Magic Tree weekend for a while. I was actually scared for a moment that it wouldn’t even happen, but luckily we were fortunate enough that one of our favorite holiday traditions wasn’t cancelled due to COVID.

For the last 8 years now, we’ve been visiting Ian`s Christmas Tree Farm on the last Saturday of November… and I couldn’t imagine this tradition to stop, ever.

As most of you know, I kinda LOVE anything and everything that is magical. I can actually tell you without lying that I still believe in Christmas and all of its magic. Like I am not stupid… I do know, but even if I know, I still continue to believe, and that makes me so happy. I actually never really stopped believing, and for the last 10 years it’s been stronger than ever… definitely because of the boys and the way they love Christmas and believe in it more than anything in the world. They have absolutely no doubts, and that is the best feeling in the world, watching them being brightened and lightened up when they talk or hear about Christmas, and Santa, and Willy, their Elf on the shelf.

As I said, I am not stupid, and I am not naïve either, so I know this will come to an end, eventually… and I kind of feel this might be the year, and this may be their last ‘real’ magical Christmas. They haven’t started to ask questions yet, and I am glad they didn’t, cause I am sooo not ready for them questions as I would have no idea what to say. So instead of thinking of when this will happen, I decided to simply live in the moment and cherish every single drop of it while I can.

So all that to say that we have a special tradition when it comes to choosing our Christmas tree called the Magic Tree, and that’s what I actually wanted to share with you today. Here’s how you find a Magic Tree: you walk around all the trees at Ian’s Christmas Tree Farm and suddenly a magical tree will appear and that’s your magic tree! How do you know it’s yours? Easy, there’s going to be some reindeer fur bags with your kids’ names on it stacked right in the tree!

Now, here’s how the magic actually happens! So we made it to the Christmas Tree Farm, we walked for ever, for over 45 minutes in various different fields, until we reached the far end of the farm, way further than where the wagon has ever brought us over the years. We walked until Brian and I found the perfect tree. When we see a nice one, we can’t even say out loud that this is possibly the one, cause if we do, we’ll be immediately reminded twice that we can’t decide which tree to get, but we have to find it…

This year, my mom, Frank and Bry’s dad weren’t there to tell us every time we’d find a potential tree that we should get a smaller one… nope, we were on our own for the first time, like two idiots looking at 13 footers, asking each other if this would fit in our living room after a little trim, when we actually have 9 feet ceilings. Well, after considering all the big trees, we were reasonable enough and found the perfect one (yeah, it ended up needing a good 2 feet trim, and it’s still huge, but we love it!).

So once we found it, I made the boys walk further away, still looking for the Magic Tree, while I placed the fur bags in our tree. Then they walked back until they found the tree, and that’s when the MAGIC happened! As usual, there was a stuffed animal in each bag, which they happen to love with all of their heart, so that’s a plus in bringing joy to the Magic Tree tradition! Their little faces light up immediately and their laughters make me cry every time. From the moment they see it, they get so excited and so protective of their tree. It’s only for us, and we CAN’T leave without it! This year, after they found the tree, Brian actually realized how massive it was, and then told me it was probably too big for our house… he said it so just me would hear, but Logan heard, and immediately said ‘NO, it’s ours, it’s our Magic Tree, we have to bring it home’. So we did.

It was such a good day. It was… like you know it’s a good day when you park right beside the Stittsville Griswold’s at a Christmas Tree Farm! And on our way back, Liam said that the first thing he was going to do once at home would be to wash his hands, put his Christmas pyj and then spend the rest of the day in the living room looking at the tree.

On Sunday morning I was chatting with Logan and he told me that he hoped the Magic Tree would never stop. I told him it wouldn’t. And that’s the truth. No matter what age my boys will be, I will always bring them with us to find the Magic Tree. And hopefully, one day they will too!

Christmas will definitely be different this year. For so many reasons. But you know what, let’s not compare to any other years, and let’s try to enjoy what we have, and let’s celebrate while staying safe, and it’s going to be magical, you know why? Cause it’s Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

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