i love shoes, painted shoes


I didn’t invent anything: shoes and paint; simple!

My mom made us dozens of them while growing up.  We had a basket of fabric paint in our house that my aunt Lucie bought me for my first communion; sounds boring, right?  But no, best first communion gift ever!

Well, fast-forwarding a few years later, now with two boys of my own, lets say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, since now I’m the one who paints shoes for my kids!

It started 2 years ago…  I had an old pair of TOMS laying around, we were going to Disney, so I decided to make Mickey and Minnie ears’ shoes!  They were a hit!!  Then last year,  I did four pairs of Minions shoes for the movie premiere, one pair for the boys, one for my mom and one for myself.


This year, we were going to Disneyland and I had a few ideas in mind for our trip!  Jojo got one, Liam and Logan each got one as well, and I made myself 2;  I’m the one who makes them after all!!!

I got my first official order a few weeks ago: a tiny pairs of Shopkins shoes.  Thanks Isabelle for being my first customer!  I had so much fun making these.  I just got my second order from a coworker.

So here’s a few pictures of the shoes I made this summer!

Need a pair?

14183766_10154256434876293_4115474161893290588_n   14184403_10154256434816293_800958653319914205_n

14102232_10154256434666293_2582164696362854083_n   14102674_10154256434386293_374415890791818477_n

14184443_10154256434256293_515153708142504224_n   14212019_10154256434216293_7796632905890395942_n

14222247_10154256434156293_6370053811613533489_n   14225596_10154256434006293_7693588337776972296_n

14141660_10154256434091293_4595369807042785494_n  14088686_10154256433961293_3381662826133141675_n

14192684_10154256434536293_6377617283643961320_n   14102674_10154256433876293_7036268735259759064_n

14100454_10154256433696293_5032602317733303256_n   14212700_10154256433341293_5961959826864647472_n

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back to school



I guess I would be happier about this if I wasn’t going back as well!!!

It’s bittersweet, summer was so good to us, I don’t want it to end.  So many great memories were created.  I wish we could start all over again.  But at the same time, it’s exciting!  New classes, new teachers, new shoes and backpacks!  Which friends will be in your class and what will your mom will have packed up for your lunch!

This year, both my boys will be in school.  Outch!  Both my babies, how did this happen?  We are still scrambling to label everything, making sure the shoes fits and finding a way to take the bus, ON TIME!


We are so lucky, Logan will get the same teacher Liam got last year.  It’s a relief, for us as parents and for Logan who already knows and love her so much!  She was simply the best!

Liam is a little anxious, a new class room is hard for him, he does really well with routines and the friends he already knows.  He was a little stress tonight!  I’m sure he will do great with his new classmates, and we’ve heard amazing things about his new teacher! Logan is not stressed AT ALL!  He’s ready to rock this ‘Big Boy goes to school’ thing!   He will do great in maternelle!  The boys will also share a playground at school, not sure if it’s a good thing yet!!!  I will let you know in a few days!



So back to school is tomorrow.  New and old routines will start!  Bed times will be earlier, days shorter, summer will run it course and soon we will take out our cozy sweaters and have pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks!  But for now let enjoy the last few days of this beautiful summer, get ready for school and enjoy those long evenings now that the kids go to bed earlier!

Are you ready for this school year?  What’s the best part for you?





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sugar knots donuts



Last week I needed to bake.  Went through my cupboard and found last year’s Ricardo’ summer magazine.  DO NOT WAIT THAT LONG TO TRY THIS!

A bit long to make but easy.  Better than any donuts you’ve ever tried!

Don’t wait, tomorrow would be a great day to try this!

Like I said before, this is a Ricardo recipe:

What you need:

2 tablespoons of room temperature water

2 teaspoons of instant yeast

4 and half cups of flour

half a cup of sugar

1 cup of heavy cream

1 teaspoon of salt

6 eggs

Canola oil


How to:

In a bowl, mix the yeast and water, leave it for 5 minutes

In your mixer with a hook, mix flour, sugar, cream, salt, eggs and the yeast mixture.  Mix until the dough starts to form a ball around the hook.  At that point, I removed it from the mixer and worked the dough on the counter with a bit of flour.  Once the dough is soft, place in a big clean bowl that’s been oiled.  Cover with a damp towel and leave for 2 hours.

Put lots of flour on the counter and roll out the dough, make a rectangle of about 6x 30in.  Cut the dough in slices of 6×2.  Knot the dough, place on a cookie sheet and let rest for 15 minutes.

Preheat the oil at 180.  Place 2 or 3 donuts at a time.  Cook until golden and place on another cookie sheet with paper towels.  Toss the knots in the sugar and EAT!

Will make around 24 knots.

These are best eaten on the same day, so invite family and friends and ENJOY!


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disneyland part two- california adventure


We had a plan:  Get in, no pictures, run, go to Cars Land and get in line for Radiator Springs Racers.  I was a woman on a mission, ride the most sought after ride within 15 minutes of our arrival!  CHECK!

With less than 10 minutes wait, we got a McQueen Racer.  The kids were (who am I kidding, I was) beyond excited!  What a ride!  Gorgeous scenery, the music, the atmosphere and then the race…our boys were scared but so happy we had won!  What a thrill!  We now had to get fast passes to ride at night.  CHECK!

Cars Land was beyond anything I had ever experience.  We were transported into the movie.  It’s one of our family’s favorite.  Cars Land did not disappoint.  We rode Luigi Rollickin Roadsters and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, we laugh so much!  We took a walk with McQueen.  Life was perfect!  We got to the Cozy Cones and Liam fell in love…with a cone!  It was hilarious!  Pictures, hugs and kisses, and promises to come back later that day!







We now had to explore the rest of the park!  Brian and Josée did California Screamin’ 3 times in a row, we played the arcades and won a Mickey!  Got a few churros, man these things are good!  And then magic!  Logan needed a bathroom break, so Brian took him.  On their way, a cast member stopped them and asked if they liked Toy Story.  Of course they said yes!  Woody then came out, gave Logan a sheriff badge and a certificate.  They took pictures together and Logan was named Sheriff of Andy’s toy box!  Only one person a day get this special treatment and Logan (and his family) was the lucky one!  We got fast passes for rides, first in line for meet and greets with Disney characters and some privilege seating for the World of Color show.  Thanks Woody and Disney!



We had ice cream and margaritas, more churros, Mickey shaped ice cream and frozen slushies!  We rode Goofy’s Sky Flight, Tower of Terror, Soarin’ Over California, , Monsters Inc, and more!  We got to spend time alone with Anna and Elsa, Buzz, Woody, Olaf and Judy Hopps aka Judy Bunny for Logan!  Walking across this park is a treat in itself!  The beautiful theaters, buildings, the lake and the most gorgeous ferris wheel ever!

13731898_10154150397601293_151196592399622546_o  13662134_10154150409286293_5604860640972533821_o  13509086_10154154552576293_6255400985318092799_n

We also got amazing tickets for the new Frozen show at the Hyperion.  Forth row, a show worthy of Disney Broadway.  It was magical.  We loved it!

We now had a ride to catch in Cars Land!  Liam, Josée and myself, got back to the Racers for one last drive.  Radiator Springs Racers is even better at night!

One of the things I loved most in the movie Cars, is when the main street gets lit up, all the cars are riding to ‘Sheeboom’.  At 8:03, the same music started, and one by one, they lit up the buildings!  I got chills and a bit teary eyed.  I wish I could have froze the time there.  And then Dj’s came rolling down the street with some Flo’s V8 waitresses and it was party time!




Time had come to take our places for World of Color.  A beautiful show of water, lights and special effects.  The last 60 years of Disney was portraid in a magical way that only Disney can do!  I left the park with tears of happiness and bit of sadness.  For the beautiful day we had spent together, the special memories we had created and how lucky I was to be here with my family.  Sadness, I wanted everyone I love to be there with us.  Sadness because we would never have this day again.  My babies would be older the next day and maybe we would never get to go back…It was hard to say goodbye.

13767368_10154150391851293_3236388321939441171_o   13765943_10154150389446293_3281117977220676861_o   13730964_10154150408081293_6467698908498119777_o

13765776_10154150378856293_6060664228436017785_o   13717322_10154150412731293_6780280032040139576_o   13613524_10154150383991293_3760389766358312142_o

‘Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy’

Until we meet again Disney!


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beau’s lug tread french onion soup


We’ve been getting lots of rain lately, an nothing’s better than soup: Beau’s Lug Tread French Onion Soup!

My favorite soup by far, that rich broth and all that gooey cheese!  This soup is a meal in itself.

So run over at Beau’s Brewery and get yourself a few beers and you’ll still have time to make it before dinner!

What you need:

3 tablespoon of butter

6 cups of thinly sliced yellow onions

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

2 cloves of garlic, minced

3 tablespoon of flour

2 cups of Beau’s Lug Tread

5 cups of chicken stock

thyme, to taste

salt a pepper

slice bread

cheese, lots of cheese (I used Swiss and Mozzarella)

How to:

Melt the butter and add the onions on high.

Cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add sugar, vinegar, thyme, salt and pepper.  Then add the flour, mix well, for 2-3 minutes.

Add the Lung Tread and simmer for 5 minutes.

Add the broth and let simmer for 30 minutes.

Prepare bowls, bread and cheese.

Fill up the bowls, add the toasted bread and cheese.

Broil for a few minutes.



I used 3 Fois Par Jour recipe and changed it up a bit.  It’s an amazing recipe, but I needed to make a few changes for the beer that I used!

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homemade pop-tarts


I just love to make theses!  Easy, delicious and fresh!

I’ve been making theses for a while now and they never get old!  My favorite; chocolate raspberries!

I used my Mimi’s pie crust recipe but you can also use store bought.

How to:

Cut 4×6 rectangles, place them on a parchment paper on a cookie sheet

Add you filling of choice (I used fresh raspberries)

Add about a teaspoon of sugar and flower on top of the berries

Put the other rectangle on top and squeeze the side shut, then press on the sides with a fork

Cut little holes and add a bit of sugar on top

Bake in a 350 oven for about 45 minutes or until the top is brown

Cool down and choose you toppings

Sit down, take a cute picture of your homemade pop-tarts and post it on Instagram #mylemondroplife and ENJOY!

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camp woods


Last year, Camp Woods got it’s start!  Our kids don’t go to summer camps, so I decided to bring the summer camps to us!  The last two summers, I’ve chosen weekly themes based on their interest (who am I kidding, I choose theme according to what I want to do!!!  After all, I’m chief of Camp Woods!)

In 2015, we had Cars, Big Hero 6, Pirate Week and Minions.

Food, crafts, treats, visit to the theater and costumes are all part of the fun!  My boys love it!  They have no clue what’s coming and are mostly excited about everything that I propose!  It keeps them entertained and it’s make me less lazy!

This year was extra special, when school ended, we only had a couple of days before our trip to California.  So, we had a countdown Disney theme for 12 days!  My favorite week EVER!  After we got back, we had: Pokémon, Cars, Bunny, Mario Bros, Nemo and Star Wars weeks!

So here a few pictures of Camp Woods 2016!  We had a blast…now, we must get ready for back to school!







What’s your favorite summer activities with your kids?  I’m already planning for next summer!

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our first trip to disneyland- part one


Needless to say, I’m a Disney fan!  Or Disney addict!

Theme parks, movies, shows and everything in between.  The moment I knew my due date for Liam, we had a trip planned, 3rd birthday at Disney World in 2014.  It never occurred to me to visit Disneyland in California, until my mother decided to get married in Vegas.  Wanting another Disney vacation, wheels in my head started turning NON-STOP about going to DISNEYLAND.  It was meant to be, Disneyland 60th Anniversary, a wedding in California and one in Vegas within one week, my decision was made.  For the first time, we would visit the park where the magic started!  The four of us and Josée, Logan’s godmother, cousin, friend and best travel company anybody could have, we traveled to California for a once in a lifetime trip!

We only had two day to visit two parks.  Many hours were spent researching what rides to do, what show to see, what food to eat and where that special Mouse would be!  I knew the maps of the parks by heart, we needed a bathroom, I knew where to find one!  The best places for the parades, we got them!  I had dreams and dreams about the parks and how it would all play out!  My bucket list was long, my expectations high and my wish list a mile long!  Like magic, our two days in Disneyland were better than imagined…they were perfect!


We got there for the opening, Mickey ears in place, ready to explore!  The boys were ready.  I created two mini-Disney addict within 5 years!  They could not wait to meet their favorite characters.  And so was I!  We go to meet Tinker Bell, and it will probably be one of my favorite memory ever.  Liam has a stuff crocodile from the movie Pirate Fairy, he’s been carrying that thing for almost 2 years.  When we got to meet Tink, she immediately recognized Crocky and was all over the boys.  The love she showed them was above and beyond.  Hugging them, talking with them and trying french words was awesome!  We spent 5 minutes alone with her and that’s 5 of the best minutes of my life!

IMG_2079     IMG_2054     IMG_2077

The lines for the rides were short, some non-existent!  Logan did Splash Mountain, something Brian will regret his entire life!  We rode the classic Perter Pan’s Flight, It’s a Small World, Dumbo and Mad Tea Party!  We did a few of the grown-up rides during the boys nap.  The afternoon parade was awesome!  Logan could not stop screaming at what was coming, he would grab our wrist and try to push us on the street to see what he was seeing!  Peter Pan found us, or rather Crocky!  He tried to have Crocky eat Hook!  I had my first Dole Whip!  I should dedicate an entire post on this fabulous snack!!!  It was as awesome as everybody says!  All the food was amazing!  Weather was crazy hot!  We bought balloons, light up glow swords, Ariel’s bubble maker for Lulu and the little peas from Toy Story!  Liam found out about Star Wars and now wants everything BB8!  Logan found out he doesn’t like rides as much as he though!  I found out I loved Disney even more than I though!  My husband found out that it would not be our last Disney trip!!!





The new Paint the Night Electrical Parade was beautiful and the fireworks after made me cry like a baby.  Magical fireworks, Frozen song and snow falling on our head was more than our hearts could handle!

We opened and closed the parks and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I wasn’t gonna miss a minute!  The boys were awesome, they should get a medal!  We were lucky; no crying, no wining and didn’t ask for too much stuff!  I spent an enormous of time telling them how lucky they were to be there, to eat Mickey shaped ice cream and to view those beautiful parades.  I think they got it.   I would often ear “Nous on est vraiment chanceux hein Maman, hein?”  I made my heart explode!

IMG_2035     IMG_2157     IMG_1931

Oh Disney, why do you have to be so far!  We’ve been back a month and everyday the boys are asking if we can go back!  So for now, we look at pictures and video, we watch our favorite movies and pretend plan our next trip!

Advice:  Don’t wait!  It’s my best advice!  Don’t wait until they’re older, don’t wait until they’ll remember it and just don’t wait!  Magic as no age, but younger kids see magic differently, it’s alive!  A life size mouse is only real for some time.  Snow falling on our head is only real in Disneyland on sizzling summer days!  Flying elephant might never get old for me, but for them, it might!  Our boys will never be this age again and they will grow out of wanting to meet the Princesses, but we will never regret taking the time to feel this magic and to live it through their eyes!

Disneyland, you exceeded our expectations.  You created magic, joy and love.  You gave us memories to last a lifetime.  Not sure we’ll have the chance to visit you again.

But until then, “if you can visualize it, if you can dream it, there’s some way to do it.”  -Walt Disney





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loggy bunny is 4


I blinked and he was four, how does that happen?

Our Logan is 4.  So many new milestone, starting school, taking the bus, making his own bed, first year playing baseball ( more like cut the grass), nighttime diaper free (almost, just adding it to the list trying to make it  more permanent) and  being SUPER independent.

On his first Easter, Mimi gave him is first bunny.  It was love at first sight.  Hard to find, when we see one we buy one…just in case.  Bunny #2 died along a pathway somewhere and Bunny #4 was left in a hotel room drawer in Syracuse.  So we now have 3 and it was time for them to have a party!

IMG_3292      IMG_3367      IMG_3379

A bunny birthday looks a lot like Easter Sunday…so I went with a vegetable garden look.  A few cakes, mini carrot cakes, veggies for miles and lots of Lindt (Easter) chocolates.  Made bunny ears instead of birthday hats.  Bubble carrot sticks for party favors.

IMG_3337         IMG_3352

With our friends and family, Logan, shyly (not sure where that came from) blew his 4 candles and played for hours.  Took lots of pictures for his Maman and was happy bunny had his party!  He already knows what the theme for birthday #5 #6 and #7 will be.  So I guess he takes a bit after me!


Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate or Loggy Bunny and too love him like he’s yours!

Logan, we are so happy that you are ours!  Nobody does it like you do!  Always singing, always happy!  You never ask for anything.  A natural leader, independent beyond your years, nothing scares you (except Radiator Springs Racers) and you make everyone laugh!  You will probably be a stand up comic or a professional alphabet singer!  Nobody gives bigger hugs or mini kisses like you do!

We love you baby bunny!


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to die for guacamole


Confession: I did not love avocados until this summer.  I would eat very little guacamole with tacos or nachos, but it wasn’t love.

Not sure if I would now call it love or obsession!  I might have had guacamole everyday this summer!  And I’m not even ashamed of it!

So I’m sharing my favorite recipe with you! Summer is still here and I’m planning on eating more of this green stuff!

What you need:

5 ripened avocados

10 cherry tomatoes

1 half of a small red onion

1\4 cup of lime juice

1 teaspoon of sea salt

Cilantro to taste (I use about half a cup)

How to make it:

Its fairly easy, I mash half of the avocados in a bowl and cut in cubes the rest.

Chop the onions and place in another bowl with hot water, leave it for 5 minutes, drain the water.  Add the onions to the avocados

Chop the cherry tomatoes and add to the bowl.

Add the lime juice, sea salt and the chopped cilantro.

Mix and eat it NOW!  Or refrigerate and eat later, I dare you!


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