a little diy

Ever since we moved  into our new house, almost 3 years ago, I’ve been wanting larger than life prints of the boys.  I think I’ve pinned over 100 frames on Pinterest the last 2 years, and they were all very nice, almost looking like what I wanted, but just not quite… so I knew this frame project would have to be a DIY type of thing to get me pleased!  So this summer, I rolled up my sleeves and called my step dad for help!  Without having a Pinterest account himself, just by listening to me, he knew right away what I wanted.  I gave him the dimension of the pictures and the next thing I knew, the two frames were built.  And they were just perfect!!!

I already had my pictures picked out, so I sent them right away at Walmart to be printed… and for 14.97 each, I’d say it’s very reasonable for a 24×36 print!  Frank made the frames from old reclaimed wood with a 45 degree angle cut; and he also made a groove inside for the pictures to sit in.  So using a spray adhesive that I already had from a previous craft project (Liam’s baby baseball room with a full wall covered with old Red Sox Baseball cards; clearly not my idea!), I sprayed the back of the pictures, glued it to a thin Luan board that I used as the back of the frames, putted the picture/board in its spot and nailed it in place using mini finishing nails.  You can buy these boards at Home Depot and have them cut out the right size for you for a small fee. Then I’ve installed a wire at the back for hanging, and just like that I had some awesome frames ready to be installed!

Even though I didn’t cut any of the wood and don’t know how difficult of a task this represents, I’m pretty sure the hardest part of all this was hanging the frames.  We have 9 foots ceiling and I wanted the frames to be hung in the stairwell. Brian was not impress with me that morning. But with our ladder and some planks we were able to build some type of homemade but not-to-steady and clearly not-so-safe scaffold that did the job!  I wish I had taken a picture of Bry while he was standing on his wobbly 10 foot long 2 X 8 over the staircase, but I guess holding his back was more important than taking a shot of him at that time!

So now it’s up there, and it’s now one of my favorite walls in the house. The frames turned out even more awesome than expected.  I love doing some DIY projects, and I got some more already in mind as my to-do list is long, but I can finally check this one off. You know, large pieces of art are expensive to buy, but these two frames costed me less than 35$ each to make, so you can’t go wrong with that. So give it a try, and if you encounter a problem, call Frank, he’ll know what to do!

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a few pictures in the orchard

I love pictures… I think you already know that by now!  So, I’ve been attempting to take some family pictures for a while, but without any success with all the parties, activities, golf, work, etc… it seems like we always end up having a reason to push back our photo session.

So last Wednesday, we finally had 30 minutes without anything to do after work/school and before a diner in Orleans we were all attending, so I’ve gathered all of our clothes, picked up the boys at school and drove back to Orleans for a photo shoot!

At first I wanted to go the Lincoln Park in Ottawa where there’s hundreds of Cherry Blossom trees, but no time for that this year, so we’ve ended up at the Orleans Fruit Farm where we usually go apple picking.  And it was gorgeous.

I had called earlier in the day to see if they would let us take some pictures, and they did!  So we had the orchard to ourselves; hundreds of beautiful apple trees all in delicate white flowers waiting for us!  We only had about 20 minutes to change clothes, find a nice spot and take some pictures… so it was rush rush rush.  I convinced one of my friend to tag along so she could take some pictures of the four of us.  I have to say, I trained the boys incredibly well!  They knew exactly how to pose and what to do… she would just say ‘Hey, Liam’, and he would get close to a tree, strike a pose and look at the camera with a nice, happy and proud smile… they were both so funny!  They always find ways to crack me up and take silly pictures.

Of course I wish we would have had more time for the photoshoot and had more time to prep ourselves, but these will have to do for this year.  Maybe next year I’ll splurge and hire a photographer for an official family photoshoot!  You should definitely think of going to the Orleans Fruit Farm, for pictures, but also for their amazing products.  I can’t wait for their tasty strawberries, but with this weather I guess I’ll eat some in September or something.

Hope you have a great weekend, I know we will, cause it’s Bry’s birthday tomorrow!

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