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I love traditions, old and new.  Especially when it comes to special occasions and holidays.  And one thing I love about Christmas or about the time leading to Christmas is our Elf on the Shelf.  I really do.  Our boys are really into it, trying to be nice and all because the elf is watching them on behalf of Santa…

But this year, Willy –yeah, our elf’s name is Willy after the elf that falls in love with Elizabeth Bank in the movie Fred Claus– is causing me more trouble than I can manage!  (That little f*cker!)

I bought our Willy in the States before the elf craziness on Facebook when I was pregnant with Liam.  I loved the story behind it, loved the thousand ways you can plan for his next move and I really wanted one in my house for his first Christmas.  My kids are in the middle of all the magical things that surrounds Christmas and I couldn’t love it more… except that because of this freaking little Elf, our house can’t sleep anymore!

I’ve never had any problems putting the boys to bed or keeping them there.  But since December 1st, boy oh boy, I’m lacking sleep.  Logan is either stressed or super excited, but he wakes up at night saying he saw Willy the Elf playing in his room, flying around or putting something in is advent calendar mitten…

Yep, we have a advent calendar mitten ‘tradition’; I know, another one… but this is such a great one that the boys just love!  I’ve never really been a fan of the chocolate calendar, and I guess Brian figured that one out as he didn’t get me the Chocolat Favoris advent calendar I specifically told him I really wanted… oh well!  So for the boys, instead of the usual advent chocolate calendar, my mom made them a string of mini mittens with number 1 to 24 on them that I’ve attached to the headboard of their bed –they are GORGEOUS– and every night, Willy brings them a treat if they’ve been good… just a tiny little treat, a toy, candy or thingy.  It’s a hit!  So in the morning, the first thing they do is look in their mitten for their treat, then they run through the house to go find Willy, and then they eat their little chocolate from their chocolate calendar that my mom got them… Yes, we now have 3 morning rituals and it’s killing me!

So half the time, somewhere between 11pm and 4 am, one of them is either looking for a treat in the next day mitten, or looking for the elf, or coming to our room asking us why there’s still nothing in their mitten as they’re pretty sure they were nice the day before…. SHUT UP and go to bed!!!!!!! Well I don’t say that, I actually tell them that I don’t know when Willy’s going to come, but that if they don’t sleep when he comes to their room, then he won’t go and there’ll be no treat in the morning!  So they happily go back to sleep…until couple hours later when the other one comes swearing he just saw the elf flying over his bed!!!

So we’re at day-14 now and here’s what we’ve learn so far:

1- Logan lies about seeing the elf flying in his room

2- 5am chocolate feeding = meltdown before 7

3- Next year, no chocolate calendar OR chocolate treats in the mittens due to the now almost-daily-morning-meltdown

4- You can bribe them and get pretty much ANYTHING you want with an Elf

5- Elf nightmares are real: ‘no Liam, your brother didn’t kidnapped Willy and TOUCHED him during the night to kill its magic’… yeah, that wonderful crisis happened 2 nights ago when Liam started crying at 3am saying Willy was gone for good because Logan had just touched him!

I like I said, I LOVE our Elf Willy and I hope the boys will continue to believe in its magic and laugh every morning while trying to find him for many more years to come, but man… this year, Willy brought way more trouble than I wished-for when I got him 6 years ago!!!

Do you have an Elf?  What’s the worst thing your Elf did?  As I am fishing for some inspiration!!!

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