fall chocolats favoris apple slices


What’s better than a candy apple?  A Chocolats Favoris sliced candy apple!  What does it mean?  More candy or in this case, more CHOCOLATE!

Easy to make with the kids in the afternoon.  An edible craft!  They can choose their own toppings and help you with all the preps.  It gets a bit messy, but it’s a mess you can eat, so it’s all good!  It’s a perfect snack to make for the apples you will pick in the next few weeks!

Here’s what we used:

One can of Caramel Fleur de Sel from Chocolats Favoris

Melted colored chocolate

Crushed peanuts

Reese Pieces candy


Granny Smith apples (or your favorite apples)

How to:

Prep all the toppings in cute bowls.  Heat the Chocolats Favoris can, let cool a few minutes before you open it.  Slice a few apples, about half an inch and insert a stick.  When the chocolate has cooled down, dip the sliced apples one by one.  Lay the dipped apple slices on parchment paper and let the fun time begin!  Choose your favorite toppings, eat, take a few pictures and enjoy!



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