earth day

Earth Day was more like Earth week at our place!  And that’s a good thing!
We started to celebrate Earth Day more and more over the last couple of years, and now we’ve started to educate our babies to do the same.
With everything happening in the world, I believe that it’s up to each and everyone one of us to do our part.  And I know I still don’t do enough, but I try hard, and I know that in the end, trying is better that not doing anything.  And I encourage everyone to keep trying!
It’s fun to see the schools involved.  Last week, Liam’s classroom had to bring a flashlight to school to read.  They closed all the lights and spent some time with older students reading to them.  A few weeks ago, I was looking at Pinterest with Liam and we saw some Earth cupcakes.  He asked me if we could do some.  So last week, we whipped up 80 cupcakes that I sent to their classroom!  I remember how I loved it when my mom was baking stuff for my school friends, so I decided to do it as well; plus baking cupcakes is always fun and it makes me happy!

At my school, we had kindergarten students pick up trash in the rain.  The kids were so happy to jump in puddles all while cleaning in the community and surrounding areas.  We also had a day without trash, where no trash can were allowed and everything from their lunch bags had to be recycled or composted.  It’s a great way to teach kids about taking care of our beautiful planet.
At home, the kids love to do chores (for stickers, that later turns into treats), so lately I’ve started to let them sort out the recycling.  We did Earth hour a few weeks back where we all gathered in my bed and read books with a flashlight;  the only problem is that I found out the next day that we did it one day late!  Oh well, you know what, we still made a difference that day, I think… but even if we didn’t, the kids think they did, and they now start to understand that these things are important and make a difference, and teaching them THAT, will, one day, make a difference.  And THAT counts.

So this year for Earth day, we planted a tree.  A PINK one.  Of course I picked out a pink tree!  Brian was playing golf with some friends when I decided to go to our local greenhouse and pick out our next tree with the kids.  I paid for it and told them my husband would come and pick it up later that day.  Our front lawn maple tree was getting sick, and then last year we were told it was slowly dying.  By mid-September it had no more leaves in it, and this spring, it had absolutely no buds.  So when Brian pulled in the street with the pink tree coming out is 4Runner tailgate window, yeah, some of the neighbors made fun of him, but I bet there’ll be more pink trees on my street by the end of the week!  It is so beautiful!

We also planted some veggies, flowers and strawberries in the backyard.  The boys love to play outside, and in the dirt; they made houses for worms and caterpillars, played with chalk, and made some feeders for the birds.  We finally all helped Brian cut our maple tree and dig a hole for the new pink tree.  By the end of the day, we were all exhausted, but it was all worth it.  The best part for the boys was probably watering the plants (and themselves)!  But they still took their jobs seriously!

So did you do your part for Earth Day?  Please share if you have any tricks to help our planet!

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