loggy bunny is 4


I blinked and he was four, how does that happen?

Our Logan is 4.  So many new milestone, starting school, taking the bus, making his own bed, first year playing baseball ( more like cut the grass), nighttime diaper free (almost, just adding it to the list trying to make it  more permanent) and  being SUPER independent.

On his first Easter, Mimi gave him is first bunny.  It was love at first sight.  Hard to find, when we see one we buy one…just in case.  Bunny #2 died along a pathway somewhere and Bunny #4 was left in a hotel room drawer in Syracuse.  So we now have 3 and it was time for them to have a party!

IMG_3292      IMG_3367      IMG_3379

A bunny birthday looks a lot like Easter Sunday…so I went with a vegetable garden look.  A few cakes, mini carrot cakes, veggies for miles and lots of Lindt (Easter) chocolates.  Made bunny ears instead of birthday hats.  Bubble carrot sticks for party favors.

IMG_3337         IMG_3352

With our friends and family, Logan, shyly (not sure where that came from) blew his 4 candles and played for hours.  Took lots of pictures for his Maman and was happy bunny had his party!  He already knows what the theme for birthday #5 #6 and #7 will be.  So I guess he takes a bit after me!


Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate or Loggy Bunny and too love him like he’s yours!

Logan, we are so happy that you are ours!  Nobody does it like you do!  Always singing, always happy!  You never ask for anything.  A natural leader, independent beyond your years, nothing scares you (except Radiator Springs Racers) and you make everyone laugh!  You will probably be a stand up comic or a professional alphabet singer!  Nobody gives bigger hugs or mini kisses like you do!

We love you baby bunny!


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